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Why you should be grabbing your free page now on this site… while it lasts. 

I’ve posted on the small business site a few reminders for the group to put together a short (or long) description of your small business so I can list in on this website.  

 The reason for this is:

Marketing!  Common sense really…(I think  🙂 ??  or is it just me?? ) especially if you want people to know you:

A) Exist …and B) you would like to glean more business from your community.

Let’s face it… if people don’t know about you… you’re not going to grow your business. 


We see MANY small business people post the ‘odd’ posting on our group page, BUT then we don’t see them for a while (or ever again!)  as your post migrates to the bottom of the page. 

Because of this… you essentially DISAPPEAR. 

By being listed for FREE on the South Delta Net workers site… people can revisit that site occasionally and be reminded that you exist.  This will keep you in front of the eyeballs of people who might in time, require what you have to offer!!

This is useful for many reasons… but particularly if someone asks… “Do you know someone who does “X”? 

You might think to yourself… “Hmmm… yes… I did see someone in the Small Business Group… but I can’t remember who they are”….

By visiting the site… you will easily recall ‘that service’ you are looking for…. and either take advantage of their business solution yourself… or recommend it to your friends. 

To be honest I’m mind boggled at the sheer number of people on this site who are aware I am building this site and posting pages FOR FREE … but are not taking advantage of the free advertising and the benefits.

Besides, once I start applying some SEO to this site, local residents of our community (whether they are in our group or not) will likely find it and discover some of the services this group has to offer. 

In conclusion, I would strongly suggest you take 20 minutes, and put together the following… then message it to me.

1)      A brief introduction.  (You)

2)      Your business name with a brief intro as the services you offer or products you market.

3)      Contact info… phone number, website (if you have one) and any FB Page you may have.

4)      A Logo or a business card (graphic) of some description. 

 I would suggest you take advantage of this service while I still have time …as I am as busy as a one-armed-paper hanger but love to organize and empower people in business as I have done this for the last number of years… and don’t  mind offering this FREE service.

 I feel this group could become incredibly beneficial for those who want to grow their businesses, so do the minimum and make it work for you! 

If you need an idea of ‘what’ to say, take a look under the “members” tag and see what others have written. 

Wishing you all success and prosperity!

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