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Susan is practicing Holistic Nutrition at the newly opened Aktiv Coast Healthcare Centre in Tsawwassen.

She lives in Tsawwassen and also has an Esthetic business that she operates from home called Purist Esthetics.

As a Holistic Nutritionist, she will focus on you as an individual in order to guide and coach you in the best way possible to achieve better health. You are a unique with your own specific needs, preferences and lifestyle; therefore you make the commitment and final decision in all of your wellness plans.

Issues such as poor digestion (hard tummy, gas, bloating), stress, fatigue/low energy, unexplained weight gain, mental fogginess, pain/inflammation, recovery from illness and more, may be alleviated through a change in food choices and lifestyle.

Through an individual approach, there is no one diet or lifestyle that is right for everyone all of the time. Your conversations with Susan will guide you to learn how whole foods and how eating a variety of real food can make you feel like a new person with renewed vitality and energy.

This is what you can expect from Susan when doing a one on one Nutritional Consultation.

  • Review of your existing nutrition, activity habits, stress levels and lifestyle factors
  • Recommendations of changes to your food choices, eating and lifestyle habits to help you achieve your health goals
  • Initially a set of recommendations will be given to you and explained, plus via e-mail or through a phone call, new recommendations given at variable times will be customized for you to implement. This is for your benefit as to not overwhelm you with too much from the start
  • Tips on food preparation, cooking, meal ideas and recipes
  • Coach you on how to improve your digestion, absorption and elimination
  • Supplements or herbs may be recommended if necessary
  • Empower you to make choices that improve your health

A 10 minute complementary consultation is available to meet Susan and find out more how Nutritional Consulting may benefit you.

To learn more about Susan’s Nutritional Consulting Services go to www.coasthealthcare.janeapp.com

Aktiv Coast Healthcare presently also have a chiropractor, stress counselor, and in the future a Kinesiologist, Massage Therapist and a Physiotherapist.

They are located under the glass roof behind Albany Books on 56th street in Tsawwassen.

Susan Rodgers 604-943-1006 www.coasthealthcare.ca

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