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Delta Hypnosis brings to South Delta a safe, effective and natural modality to help you overcome the aspects in life that hold you back… and create beneficial new habits to help move you forward to effectively improve the way you live!

Hypnotherapy has gained  tremendous popularity over the years as we have learned and scientifically proven it’s effectiveness and gained an understanding and appreciation for the awesome power of the human mind. 

We also now understand that thoughts that ‘thoughts are things’  and how changing your thoughts change your outlook and have an incredibly positive effect on your life.

 Hypnosis is helpful for a variety of applications such as: improved confidence, ending self sabotage, weight loss, smoking/narcotic cessation, ending cravings, sleep issues, teeth grinding, stress/anxiety relief, fears and phobias, sports improvement, concentration and focus, grief, nervous habits (nail biting, etc) positive thinking  and so much more to basically help you to feel better all around and enjoy life the way you deserve!

About the Hypnotherapist:

Jayne Kopp is a bit of an accidental hypnotist 🙂 who spent a number of years as an online Certified Life Coach (prefers the term ‘Empowerment Coach) helping and motivating entrepreneurs from around the globe to market their businesses utilizing the power of the internet. 

During this time, she realized as relationships developed, that everyone has ‘something’ they would like to change, and often found herself providing assistance to her clients with her long time passion: Hypnosis!

Due to the fact she has practised hypnotherapy informally for  many years on friends and family, friends of friends, etc… and  found she was assisting clients more and more on an impromptu basis, she thought the time was right to finally follow the empowering suggestions of numerous recipients to formalize her love for hypnotherapy into a career.

Since her decision to follow her passion, she enrolled in a number of courses in hypnotherapy and NLP to achieve various certifications and could not be happier with the results. 

 Jayne is now pleased to provide the services of Delta Hypnosis in a cozy environment right here in South Delta. 

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