Zoe’s Treats

 zoeZoes’s Treats is a new home baking business owned by Zoe Gasparis.

Because Zoe loves spending time in her kitchen baking and cooking, she thought she would share her love … and her talent with the lucky folks of her community.

Zoe is a long time resident of Tsawwassen; she has resided here since 1970 and has had the pleasure of raising her children here also.

She looks forward to growing her business here close to home and creating special tasty desserts so ‘we’ don’t have to. 

She specializes in Cakes, Cupcakes and Greek Desserts… but due to her ethnic background is also a whiz when it comes to preparing delicious  Spanakopita, and other Greek food.

Zoe’s Treats is a real time saver, particularly if you are having a party!!  Let her do the work for you!!

Please feel free to ask if there is something specific you are looking for. You can find her on Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/zoestreats   or call her at:  778-867-5240

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